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My intuitive paintings are always fresh and original, and you can be see them here. My collection of paintings is constantly updating, so check back often to find something that speaks to you. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your home or an artwork to gift someone special, my paintings offer something for everyone. I invite you to explore my selection and find the perfect painting to add to your collection.

My paintings mimic my warm and playful style. Bright pops of color, unexpected contrasts and an ever-changing palette add richness and sophistication. My expressive, intuitive approach stems from my personal experience of creating art as a healing process. 

beauty is not bound in situ.jpeg

Large Paintings 


Statement pieces for your living and working spaces.

Any Moment Now in situ.jpeg

Su-Su's Small Treasures

Perfect as a gift
Perfect on a shelf
Small art with big impact!

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