"You were so afraid of my voice,

I decided to be afraid of it too."

Rupi Kaur

My voice is still here. My voice still rings true for me. My voice is getting louder.

I was struck by this poem and wrote it down because it felt so real inside me. That was weeks ago. Last night, while I was finishing this spread in my journal, that poem just leapt from my mind to the page in an instant.

Sometimes it's like that, as quick as a wink it appears and if you aren't paying attention, it passes.

Pay attention to your voice.

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Art Journaling always causes a shift in my perspective. Sometimes it’s huge, in my face, yelling at me, “Hey, You Need To Look At This!”.

Sometimes, it’s so small it’s almost unnoticeable, but if you are quiet and listen very carefully, there it is. My shift.

My journal is an expression of me. My creative process. My emotional baggage. My delights and my worries, my hopes and my fears. It is me, opening up to the pleasure of making art just for the fun of it.

No expectations, no drama, no baggage, just creating. I savor every step of the process. With art journaling in my life, I experience everything around me in a deeper, more inspiring way.

#artjournal #artjournaling #painting #creativeprocess

As an artist, my creativity is often in overdrive and I like having different outlets in order to express myself. Along with painting, I also love to write. The stories here are from my writing journal, combined with paintings or art journal pages I've created. It's a safe space for me to "think out loud" and I hope you enjoy browsing through the posts.