• Susie Zol

An Abstract Painting Holds Meaning For Me

"I Keep Coming Back" 36x36 acrylic mixed media

I spent some time this week decorating for Christmas and thinking about all the wonderful people in my life. This year has been such an expansion for me as I continue to answer my soul's call for creating and expressing through art. I am blessed to enjoy new and continuing friendships and the ever-expanding circle of love that surrounds my family.

I chose to hang this painting in my family room because I find the color palette soothing and I love the texture beneath the surface. After I hung it, I continued my Christmas decorating on the table just below it and when I stood back, I saw a nativity scene in the painting! The three main shapes became the three wise men, figures in the abstract became Mary, Joseph and Jesus in a cradle and there at the top, the North Star!

One of the things I love about abstract paintings is how they "speak" to you and guide you to their meaning. In another setting and with another's eyes, this painting can become something completely different without changing. The magic of that, of seeing and feeling a meaning, is a big part of what calls me to create and paint. I hope you capture a bit of that magic for yourself!