• Susie Zol

An Unexpected Finish

My unfinished art journal spread at the end of the workshop.

Last night I sat down with my journal and opened it to the spread I started in my art journaling workshop last Saturday, May 5th. The title was Changing Perspective and had twists and turns all designed to change our perspective on our thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the past, I always "tested" my prompts and plan for the day to be sure I had it "right", but then I never shared it because I didn't want to influence anyone's process. Those spreads felt forced and contrived probably because I was not "free" to create and was controlling what and when and where. This time I didn't do anything ahead of time and simply created alongside everyone else. It felt so good! My spread includes papers from everyone giving color and shape to my story. I was much more open to my creative spirit and that allowed for a magical transformation of my blank spread into this.

I love it! My girl is beautiful and strong. She has a fierce look about her doesn't she?! The swirls around her body make it seem like she is dancing and the bird, taking flight on the same swirling energy and singing so proudly.

My finished art journal spread from May 2018 workshop.

Gratitude for this and so much more...

Susie Zol

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