• Susie Zol

Appreciating the Energy of Life

All of life is energy. It is the movement of the environment around us. The air is pushed and pulled, and as it moves it picks up leaves from the ground and swirls them. It moves the water an inch or a mile. It brings the tide in and takes it back out. The push and pull of the energy of life moves the air and birds soar in the updrafts. The energy of life pulls the water down from the sky in fine mists or torrential downpours. It pushes its way through dirt and rock. It winds through canyons and down sheer cliffs.

Life energy simply keeps going. Along city streets, along country roads, along wooded trails, along mountain tops, along the ocean floor. There isn’t anywhere we know that life energy does not exist. And this great energy feeds us. It nourishes our bodies and souls. Take a sip, a bite, a hug, a step and you will immerse yourself in it.

Life energy constantly renews and reunites itself as echoes in a canyon or cross-currents in a river. It destroys things too in its uncontrolled effort to keep itself moving. Fire storms are pushed along by high winds, capturing and killing life and then creating new landscapes in the spaces seemingly left behind. Out of the destruction, many new opportunities arise as the energy circles back around and begins again.

Life energy encompasses all and you are a grain of sand on the beach, a raindrop inside a hurricane, a molecule of oxygen in a blanket of air that circles the planet in a never-ending, ever-shifting field of energy. It is flowing, moving, circulating, raging, beckoning you to join in. Life energy asks you to open yourself to it. Life energy asks you to become aware of it, see it, feel it, taste it, touch it.

Create an opening in your soul for life energy to move freely through you. As you live each day, gather up bits of strength and inspiration and fall in love with your desire to express yourself. Your way of speaking or consoling or encouraging. Your way of writing; capturing the essence of a moment and translating it into the written word for others to read, understand, take action, be amused. Your way of painting or sculpting or making music. Your way of creating something with your hands that reflects the life energy that passes through your body and soul.

Your way of being alive and present, appreciating the energy of life.

'Finding My Voice'

30"h x 24"w

acrylic on canvas