• Susie Zol

Art Journaling On My Own

When I am giving an art journaling workshop I am usually creating a spread so I can show examples of what I'm describing. I end up with mostly unfinished spreads but the memories of the days with so many creative women stay with me always. This was an unfinished spread that I dove into last night. I left some of the original collaged papers along the bottom and they remind me of the women surrounding me at the workshop. I used some papers gifted to me at another workshop and tore shapes to collage. I used some ink for lines and color. Then came the black gesso, concealing and revealing my secrets.

For me, it's a finished spread now. I resist the urge to keep "fixing" it. I know from experience that will take me away from the free, expressive look I got.

What does it say? "It's time to look your demon in the eye. It's time to let your demon know who's the boss. It's time to release the demon who lives in the recesses and cavities of your life. It's time to look that demon in the eye and send him packing to the other side. It's time. It's time." I think it was partly a song I was listening to and partly my own take on the lyrics.

When I am able to express myself in my journal or on the canvas, it is always a powerful and gentle reminder to allow and accept the flow of my life.

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