• Susie Zol

Art Journaling Without a Title

Sometimes the most difficult part of the process of art journaling is thinking of a title. I sat for a while looking at this before deciding it was "done" for me. I looked at small sections at first, sensing if I needed to add or remove anything, then I moved farther back and looked at large sections the same way. Finally, looking at the spread as a whole, I get a sense for the movement, color and expression. There's a moment, now familiar and filled with kindness and gratitude, when my heart and soul say "it's done". That's when it all makes sense. The marks, the colors, the separate "head" on the black, the dark figure of a woman, the muddy top section.

A title?, no. My inner knowing of the circumstances surrounding this spread are enough for me.. I'm an introvert so most of my world is held in secret alcoves in my body. It's a struggle trying to sum up the thoughts I have into a catchy title or with a quote, so I don't. Honor yourself and stay true to your inner knowing, even if that means you don't put a title on your spread.

#artjournaling #title #collage #markmaking #blackgesso #expression #zoljournal