• Susie Zol

Balancing Your Intentions

In my effort to finish this journal page, I rushed into creating another face on my collaged background. Where I found myself next was in a state of struggle. I was forcing it and it wasn't looking good. I was trying too hard to make it happen.

My familiar pattern of staying in my comfort zone with my creations was immediately reflected back to me as discomfort and resistance in my body and soul.

Do you come up against this in your creative work? The familiar, comforting place of knowing what to do bumps up against your spirit's urge to let go, try something new and take risks!

Here's what I like to do when I feel this imbalance of intentions:

  • Take a deep breath and acknowledge what I'm feeling and thinking.

  • Take a break from my journal/canvas to stretch and move my body.

  • Take time to hydrate and nourish.

When I feel refreshed, I will take time to journal about what's happening.

This precious time of reflection is when I uncover/discover fresh insights about myself and how I am choosing to be engaged.

Yes, we are always choosing!

I'm choosing to take some time for myself this week. Time to rest, digest and seek joy. Time to re-balance my intentions.

I hope you'll consider joining me for an art journaling workshop on June 18th. I'll be teaching at my studio in the Arts District at Liberty Station in San Diego, CA. Check it out on my website under Workshops and let me know if you have any questions!

I'm also continuing to paint on canvas and love to showcase my work on Instagram where you can follow me, @susie_zol.

Susie Zol