• Susie Zol

By Simple Means - Zol Journaling Workshop

I'm happy to announce that I'll be hosting another art journaling workshop on April 22nd at Way Art Yonder studio in Jamul, CA. It will be a fun, fast-paced workshop where we will create tools to make marks by simple means. I hope you'll consider an escape to this magical studio to create in your journal.

My art journal page created with simple tools.

Let go of expectations and set your creative spirit free! Join me and other art journalists, for this fast-moving, fun, mark-making workshop! Using natural and self-made materials, we will fashion our own tools and make marks using a variety of papers outside our journals. Our adventure will continue inside our journals creating spreads with paint and pen to showcase our newly made papers! $75

Pay using this link: paypal.me/wayartyonder Any questions? Please send your email wayartyonder@gmail.com.

Once your registration and payment has been made, a supply list and other information will be provided.

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