• Susie Zol

Completing An Art Journal Page At A Workshop

Now I'm Done. Art Journal Spread

Time's Up But I'm Not Finished! Art Journal Spread

I held an art journaling workshop on Saturday titled "By Simple Means" at Way Art Yonder Art Studio in Jamul, CA. During the workshop, I created a page alongside everyone attending and when time was up, I knew I wasn't done! (bottom photo). I had captured some elements, added colors, collaged my marked papers, and yet, to me, there wasn't a story. Fast forward about two hours alone at home and I've added more papers, inked some areas, written a bit and when I stand back to see what else it needs...I know I am done. (top photo)

Workshops are a great way to push your creativity forward. You learn new skills or techniques, meet new friends and exercise your creative expression. I seldom come away from any workshop with complete pages. They are always in a stage of becoming. For me, time spent alone at my art table is when I really release myself onto the page. I understand this is part of the creative process for me and I allow it to happen naturally.

Be gentle with yourself when you create at a workshop. Your expectations may be too high if you think you will be creating masterfully designed, finished pages while learning something new, meeting someone new and creating in a new and possibly unfamiliar environment. Enjoy the experience of being in the workshop. Get to know your neighbor, share a story or two, and pick up a new technique! Once you relax about the outcome, you will enjoy the day so much more.

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