• Susie Zol

Don't Limit Your Creativity

It was a day like any other, busy but with pockets of time here and there. In the living room, my art table is home to various ongoing projects and leftovers are common. I had my art journal, some gesso, crayons, a few scraps of paper and bottles of craft paint. Who can throw away a scrap of paper when the promise of another journal page is moments away!

Limit your time, limit your supplies, limit your space; just don't limit your creativity!

With limited time, I am forced to work quickly keeping my marks loose and random. With limited supplies, I am forced to work with what I have, seeking potential in the combination of marks and collage and color. With limited space I am forced to work close.

What I have not done is limit my creativity. Skipping, hopping and jumping for joy all over my page. I allow and accept, trust and repeat.

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