• Susie Zol

In A New Place - Zol Journaling Workshop

Let the power of an image transform your journal page.

Let this be the creative space & time you are seeking...

Let this be the creative process you desire...

​Art journaling is a powerful way to re-connect with your soul, set your creative spirit free, and express yourself -- visually. Painting, writing, mark-making, and more, all collaborate in layers of expression. Learn ways to invite your intuitive flow, and enjoy your creative process. Each month we will explore a different theme, or technique, to awaken your creative spirit.


Images have the power to transform our thoughts, express our desires, change our mood. Be inspired to tell your story using images transferred onto the pages of your journal. Experiment with color and shape to bring new life to your visual expression and expand your creative boundaries.

Reserve your spot at Art On 30th.com You'll find me listed under Workshops. I'll send you a list of helpful, workshop-related items to bring, although a minimum of supplies will be offered. These monthly workshops are for any level from beginner through advanced. Please bring a snack or lunch.

Saturday, April 8th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. $65

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