• Susie Zol

Inspired Gratitude - Art Journal Workshop

Gratitude art journal spread

Inspired Gratitude

Saturday, November 11th

Let this be the creative space & time you are seeking...

Let this be the creative process you desire...

The creative process is a journey. In art journaling you start with the blank page and an open mind and trust that inspiration will lead you to original ideas. Great ideas don’t come from nowhere; they are formed from inspiration, from everywhere.

​Art journaling is a powerful way to re-connect with your soul, set your creative spirit free, and express yourself -- visually. Painting, writing, mark-making, and more, all collaborate in layers of expression. Learn ways to invite your intuitive flow, and enjoy your creative process. Each month we will explore a different theme, or technique, to awaken your creative spirit.

Click this link to reserve your spot: Art On 30th

You'll find me listed under Instruction/Workshops. You'll receive a supply list although a minimum of supplies will be offered. These monthly workshops are for any level from beginner through advanced. Please bring a snack or lunch.

Saturday, November 11th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. $65

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