• Susie Zol

Into The Light Workshop

My latest art journaling workshop, Into The Light, was a wonderful success. Happy students, positive energy and lots of mixed media art! We had a very special guest with us, Mr. R.B. Bhaskaran, an artist and retired art professor from India who came to give us some inspirational instruction on sketching and painting from still life. He shared his philosophy on creating art from your heart and never "copying" what you see but painting what you feel.

"Once you begin your sketch, the item should no longer exist as an item;

it simply becomes inspiration."

Do you feel like that when you paint? I do.

Here are some photos from our day.

Robin's spread is as colorful and cheery as her apron (and her!)

Yenni's careful interpretation of the still life soon took on another personality with color!

Heather was in love with her creative process and it showed. A beautiful watercolor painting to begin her artistic journey!

Shelley shared her expressive journal with Mr. Bhaskaran, this was his favorite! "So much power and control" he said.

Candyce having fun playing with her new tool, the Lyra water-soluble graphite! You can see a glimpse of her journal page on the left - such bold colors and great texture with cheesecloth.

Bunny and her magical floral interpretation, presented to me as a gift! I feel so honored to receive this beautiful painting from a beautiful soul. Thank you again Bunny!

I'll be planning a few more workshops before the end of the year and I hope you'll be able to join me! I announce them here so keep checking back or sign up on my mailing list and I'll let you know!

Susie Zol