• Susie Zol

Love Letters - Zol Journaling Workshop

Reflecting on my creative process.

When I was preparing for this art journaling workshop, I created a different spread with the same prompts and materials we were going to use. That page, however didn't give me the "wow" that I got with this page. At first, I thought the only difference was the setting but with time and reflection of my creative process, I realize there was another factor at work. It was my connection with inspiration. Inspiration is a river that flows through you constantly, just under the surface. Your connection with inspiration needs to be clear and mine was cluttered. I was anxious and distracted and it showed! I could see my anxiety in my tentative brushstrokes and forced colors. This page, above, was what I created in class. Fully inspired and in touch with my process every color, every line felt exactly right. This is what I'm after when I create, this pure connection with inspiration.

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