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Selling Your Art

I was listening to a podcast in my studio the other day and I thought I would be hearing about how to sell my art, where and how to do that, what size paintings should I create, what price range should I have, etc. and I could feel my shoulders tightening! Luckily, it wasn't about that at all!

What I heard and learned is of course what I really needed to hear. The sales are not where you begin. Well, I kind of knew that but now, what I know and can see in my own practice is that the sales (and thoughts about the sales) come at the end of my journey with a painting, not the beginning or even during the making. And, they happen because of the commitments I make to myself and my art and my creativity. Allowing creativity to happen in my life and paying attention to the times when I come alive.

Maybe it's at a time when I see another painting and I totally connect with it. That's happened before. I'll see a painting that just stops me and I'm so intrigued and curious and really in love with it. I'm not concerned with the technical skills of the artist or even the content of the painting, but I'm totally connected with the creative spirit of the artist. I know that artist needed to be free of thoughts about selling it and just create it! That's where it's happening, that's where the fire is. That moment in my studio when I'm lost in time, letting the painting happen. I'm in the zone, creativity is flowing through me and I'm letting it happen. That feeling is what I connected with in the painting and it's what I want from my own art-making.

I know getting to the end of the journey of my painting requires me to stop thinking about it, to stop planning ahead, to stop thinking I've got it all under control! I know it's not going to happen that way. I know I'm going to have to focus on my heart, focus on what's exciting me, let go of looking at other peoples work in comparison in order to find my own.

I've known this on an intellectual level for some time now but listening to the podcast guided me into deeper thought about my creative process and practice around this subject of sales. Knowing that the sales will come at the end, I feel relieved and more alive in the studio, understanding that I can simply let my creativity flow. I still tense up a bit wondering who would buy this painting and is it good enough but as soon as that thought comes, I can chase it away with the knowledge that there are always going to be people who connect with my art, who love what I paint and feel it is way more than good enough.

I love breakthroughs like this one that motivate me to be even more free and confident in my art. Here's a photo I took on Thursday of a piece I'm working on at the studio. I got lost in it, on the floor, brushes and paints all around me. Exactly how it's supposed to work, not thinking about it, not planning ahead, not trying to control it.

My heart is focused on what's exciting me and what I'm loving so far in this one is the range of dark turquoise blues behind the light colored shape. I love the openings and the bits of line and pattern. I love the red earthy stripe across the bottom. It feels good, I feel good when I look at it and that's all I need to keep going.

I hope you're having an enjoyable Spring season. If you're local to San Diego (or close enough!) I hope I see you at one of this year's art shows. Next up for me is ArtWalk Little Italy on April 29&30. I'm in booth 514 on Date St all day Saturday and Sunday.

I updated my website this weekend with new paintings if you want to take a peek!

Also, I want to remind you that my creative coaching program is in full swing! I've got a few spots coming available if you're interested. It's a one+one approach into the how's and why's of your creative process and practice. Together we'll discover a creative roadmap you can follow to build a healthy relationship with your creativity that will last beyond your next sale. Check out my program here and get in touch with me for a chat or email conversation. I'd love to accompany you on your creative journey.

In gratitude,


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29 de abr. de 2023

Wonderful post. Yes to all of the above. :)

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