• Susie Zol


Sometimes, I find myself hanging on to all the success in my life. The times when things turned out well, I got the award, I finished the painting, I met my deadline.

I hang on to them as if they are medals hanging on my wall. As if to say that without them somehow I’m not real, I don’t try hard enough, I’m not enough.

I know better. I know even if I’m looking at the failures that I’m enough. I know that neither of them define me at my core, where I am my truest self.

I know in my heart that what is best for me is to accept and let go in the same instant.

I know this is one of the hardest things I have to do every day.

I know the quickest way to believe in this way of being is to live it…to be in the present moment, and I know I can.

Never regret the past. You did your best every single time you had to make a decision. You sought the answers in your heart and they rose out of you, crystal clear. Never project your present experience onto the future. You have no way of knowing what will happen tomorrow. Sure, you can have dreams and desires and they can help guide you along life’s path but trying to force their outcome, on your terms, based on your timing? That’s putting yourself in a difficult spot!

Be confident in your truest self and let life happen.

Remember every action brings a reaction which might surprise and delight you or disappoint and anger you.

Let go of trying to control so much of what happens to you and focus instead on how you respond. See yourself getting better at that. Find solutions that better match how you want to feel.

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