• Susie Zol

Staying Creative

Have you set up your art journaling space yet? Here's a look at mine as I neared completion of this page. A few things, first it's a page and not a spread because sometimes that's what I'm called to paint. The open book above my journal is what my favorite teacher, Orly Avineri lovingly refers to as your "sidekick" (a companion journal, small in size to act as a palette, paintbrush cleaner, holder of messages and gentle reminder to work loosely without regard to the outcome.) I also use a deli sheet for small mixes of paint. I limit my palette of paint colors so I have to mix to get some variety (works well!). A water jar and some paintbrushes. A pen and pencil. A candle to remind me of so many things, mostly that life is energy and movement and staying in one place too long is never good for your mind, body or soul.

Open your journal and open your heart. Play with some paint, make some marks. Make a mess. Close it, open it again, what do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? Learn to follow your heart all the way from beginning to end. It doesn't matter where you go but you'll never get there if you don't start.

My journal has been filling with portraits and they all seem to have different messages for me. I love painting them and then listening to them.

I'll be putting together another journaling workshop this year, maybe more than one. I hope you'll join me.