• Susie Zol

the workshop was inspiring and special

Yesterday, I taught an art journaling workshop at my studio and received the gifts of allowing and accepting whatever shows up on the page...

we talked about getting out of our comfort zones,

we talked about honoring our desires,

we talked about recognizing and building trust in our intuition,

we talked about letting an intention find us,

we talked about how life and art mix and mingle all the time

we talked about how "what's next" is always up to you and

we talked about how, if you pay attention, there are always signposts.

we started with the blank page and our eager playfulness. we painted and collaged using a variety of materials to express ourselves and we were able to create more than one unique page using a mix of inspiring sources.

our pages may not be complete, but they are always an anchor.

Always grateful for anchors and signposts...

Susie Zol