Under Pressure

Updated: Jan 24

The pressure I feel to make my art BE something is powerful! I like to paint and draw and create and make. It hurts when I don't think that's enough, when I don't let that expand, when it has to have a good purpose/title/marketing/price/sale. I am beginning to sense when I constrain it and control it and try to make it fit in a box that is acceptable, a box that can be stamped "approved". Goes right back to a childhood of seeking approval from others and as soon as I sense that, I know I have to let that go. I'm still on my journey.


"Listen to the rhythm, steady and strong. Your heart beats, your blood flows, your bones vibrate in response. The conversation flows with barely a whisper of sound, like the wings of a moth in moonlight. You have this. you always have this. Your. Heart. Beats. Your. Heart. Beats."

Notes from the Rocket

Christine Mason Miller