• Susie Zol

Where Do I Go From Here - Zol Journaling Workshop

Pages in process during our workshop.

I felt quite at home as I guided an art journaling workshop this past Saturday at Art on 30th in San Diego. A table of old and new friends took a personal journey within to discover the spaces and places each wanted to be, physically and emotionally. Our creative process led us through painting, writing, collage and mark-making. The energy coming from each friend and from the group as a whole was uplifting and positive. I was honored to witness the outpouring of creative expression from each of them. In the image above, my page in process is the upper left. The other images show the beautiful, powerful expressions of inner and outer journeys being revealed. Below is my finished spread.

My finished art journal spread.

Once I feel a page or spread is complete (yes, it is a feeling, not a knowing), I can look at it and let it's story unfold in my mind.

I connect with the figure on the right so I feel that is me, with a backpack, ready to leave my past behind. I see some of the same patterns, colors and shapes in my pack as I do behind me so I am taking some of my past with me. The compass rose at my feet reminds me I am on a journey. The vessels before me are reflections of my thoughts about my future. I cannot and should not know all that will happen to me but I can and will remain open to them. There is another figure on the left with a richly patterned robe made of similar patterns, colors and shapes. I feel she is my future self, looking back on her life. Her vessel is full, with life growing in and around it. A screen by her side appears to show an ever-changing slideshow of events and people. The world is at her feet. Less visible, a shadow appears at her side. The patterns, colors and shapes of the shadow blend with hers seamlessly. She reminds me, by remaining open to new experiences, I will enjoy a life rich with pattern, abundant in color and filled with a myriad of shapes.

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