• Susie Zol

WIP to Completion - My Art Journal Spread

I'm going to let you in on a secret... I have unfinished pages all the time! Take a look at these pages (a spread). I had started with some collage and painted over some areas. A figure had started to emerge on the left, but I still wasn't "feeling" it. My spreads are usually narrative and there just wasn't a story here for me. This spread sat untouched for about three months!

Midway thru an art journal spread

Today I took this unfinished spread, some collage paper, black gesso, black pen, white pen and without regard to what direction my spread had been going, I changed course. I began by tearing my collage paper into chunks. I didn't plan, I didn't study my paper for just the right shape. I just tore it up and started adhering it with gel medium.

I left some of the black space separating the two shapes on top but added pieces to connect them on the bottom. On the left side, I started to subtract and define some shapes by painting over the white paper. I used black gesso to blend with the background. Then, with the pens I began to outline some of the shapes I saw and add some details.

One of my favorite "things" to find in my journal is faces. I always seem to end up with a few and this spread didn't disappoint!

A few more areas to define, a bit more writing, a good feeling building in my heart and now I'd say it's done!

My complete art journal page

I'm really happy with it now, it tells a story for me and my eyes moves easily around the spread, finding bits and pieces of the story as I go. What I don't usually do is name it or give it a title. It's a moment in time, a story recalled, a forgotten memory surfacing. Looking back, I probably needed an unfinished spread so I could sit with my thoughts today and finish it.