30"x40" acrylic mixed media on canvas.  Poem written by me reads:  Imagine creating. Not with pen and paper. Not with brush and canvas. Not with clay dried to stone, but with moving, living, growing, changing fragments of life. Creating a moment in time and immediately letting it go to create another. Imagine not needing or attempting to stop time to be with a beautiful moment but allowing and accepting time and movement as essential elements in the practice of living. Allowing and appreciating a moment to be and pass, both as quickly as the other. Coming into being and transforming gently into the next moment with ease and grace. Accepting the pieces of a current moment to shape and prepare the next. Each one not able to exist, be seen, be heard, be felt, be alive without the other. Imagine this moment now, not existing mere minutes ago and already gone. The life that is here has continued to pulsate and bubble. The drop of dew on the edge of the leaf has evaporated into thin air. The light and shadow pattern playing on the grass has shifted and strengthened in intensity as the sun has risen over the trees. Underground, the temperature has shifted slightly. Overhead the cloud has changed, its color blending slightly. A new moment has been drawn and my attention shifts and moves.  ~Susie Zol 2019

Imagine 30"x40"

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