Welcome to the Secret Garden


Secret Garden refers to an inner sanctuary, a place we each have within ourselves that is available to us at any time. The natural world provides us with never-ending moments of pure joy in its evolution and ever-changing forms. Today’s world combines this miraculous beauty with an overwhelming amount of human interactions, interpretations and interference. With my Secret Garden series, I hope to inspire you to seek out and cultivate your own secret garden. A place where you can retreat, a place to take refuge, a place to repair, restore and build your resilience. It’s easy to imagine such a place but challenging to find unless you learn how to master the art of going within. You might get there by being creative, by practicing yoga, meditating or by being in nature. The important thing is to find whatever works for you so the doorway will always be open for you to enter your inner Secret Garden.

As you view the paintings in this collection my hope is that one (or more) will strike a chord, resonate with you, inspire, delight and transport you! I paint straight from my heart in a truly authentic and soulful manner. Each one of these small works was created using my unique visual style and represents my interpretation of an inner Secret Garden.

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