Suggested Supply List


Art Journaling Workshops




  • Your mixed media art journal

  • Ephemera: Bring a variety of collage papers, tissue paper, paper napkins, book text, magazine images and words, handmade papers, used/dried tea bags, gelli-printed papers, etc.

  • Acrylic Gesso: black and white

  • Pens: Black and white gel pens.

  • Pencils: Drawing/sketching pencils and eraser.

  • Acrylic Paints: bring a variety of colors. Examples of paints: craft paints, tube paints, high flow, heavy body.  Any of these types of paint will be fine.

  • Paintbrushes: bring a variety of sizes and shapes. Think outside the box for things that can act as a paintbrush, room key cards, spatula, even cardboard in a pinch!

  • Matte and gel medium (used as glue)

  • Heat tool for drying your pages 

  • Wax paper or deli sheets for in-between your pages


** Please note this is a suggested supply list for the workshops.  We may or may not use all of these items at any particular workshop. If there is a specific item that you should bring, I will notify you by email within a week of the event. Feel free to bring any art supply you regularly use.  Thanks!