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Artists Sunday and Part 2 of my Art Journaling Page

Hello You!

I’m happy to say I've joined artists, creators and makers across the country for Artists Sunday, the earth’s largest art event! It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 26th, and I'm encouraging you to shop with artists like me. Think of it like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday but you're shopping for art! I’m thrilled to be participating in Artists Sunday this year and here’s what to expect from me. To prepare for the big day, I'm working hard to set up a new web page with the work I'm offering for you to browse and purchase at a special price. I'm imagining you're in a shopping mood starting on Friday so that's when my page will be available and all purchases through Monday will be on sale. Here’s a sampling of what I’m looking forward to sharing with you this holiday season…

Each of these paintings will be reduced 25% in price for Artists Sunday. I'll also have a selection of small works on wood and canvas at a reduced price. These will all be on a separate, special page on my website for you to browse and purchase from Friday through Monday.

Here's what you can do for me!

  1. Follow me on Social Media – I'm on Facebook at Susie Zol Art and Instagram @Susie_Zol

  2. Subscribe to my email list - well since you're receiving this blog you're already subscribed but how about your friends and family? You can share my blog and ask them to subscribe.

  3. Make a holiday wish-list so your loved ones can gift you items from my offer. I'll be shipping in time for the holidays!

I appreciate the gift of creativity I’ve been given and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.


And now, on to part 2 of my art journaling page!

Here's where we left off:

As soon as I saw it the next day, I knew it wasn't done. I like it a lot but I want to go deeper, I want to find the meaning in the images and patterns. My first move is to get a piece of gritty sandpaper and rough it up, scratch away the loose edges, tear it and see what comes up. I began to sense that I wanted to take the pages out of my journal, set them free! So, I carefully sliced them with my Xacto knife and took them outside to let them be in the sun, in the dirt, in the water!

You can see in the first photo that I switched the pages and taped them back together on the back. Once they were muddied and scrunched I found some geranium petals that were too pretty to pass by and glued them on randomly. I gave it a coat of gel medium to seal it all in and left it to dry in the sun.

Now I'm starting to feel the deeper meaning. The face is me (they usually are) and I'm in my world of nature. Trees and shadows are my companions as I sit with courage and curiosity.

I've got an upcycled picture frame to place this in and will let my creative juices flow once I'm back in my studio. (Insert a few hours in the studio here!)

Here's the final piece, I love it!

It can hang either way, depending on your mood. I'm still working on a title, she has a lot to say.

In gratitude,



Susie Zol
Susie Zol
Nov 19, 2023

Thanks Denise! I’ve been enjoying my art journal journey for many years now and it never fails to amaze me!


Nov 19, 2023

What a fantastical journey you and this piece have been on Susie! I loved it in the beginning and adore it in it's final resting place!😍

Nov 19, 2023
Replying to

That was me Susie...your art pal DCerro⬆️😘

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