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ArtWalk Little Italy is this weekend!

Hello you!

If you've been a follower of mine on social media, you probably already know this but for those of you who haven't heard, I'm setting up my booth (#514) on Date Street in Little Italy this weekend, April 29 and 30 and am really excited to show my latest paintings!

I spent the first few months of the year painting in my studio, finding new levels of creative flow. I tried new color combinations, new tools and spent a lot of time playing!

This painting is called Fun & Games and is a spirited mix of shapes, colors and values.

Take a look at these colorful paintings I'm bringing to ArtWalk!

Read some of the best comments from Instagram and Facebook about these paintings:

"I Love This!", "I Love That!", "Beauty", "Stunning piece!", "I love the colors of this piece", "So Awesome! I think I see a dog in there or a horse? And a flying angel pig next to a little bird. I think I see a cat too! Love the colors and movement" and "Wow!"

And these paintings in my favorite shades of blue!

and more comments: "I love your art", Easy to get lost in this great piece!", "Wonderful!", "LOVE this one!", "Nice!", "Love the movement, energy and color", So pretty! I love all the color", Amazing colors!" and "Blues are my fav too!".

As wonderful as it is to read all these encouraging comments, I still want to see all your wonderful faces, especially as your eyes light up when you see the perfect painting for you!

All my paintings are now listed on my website so you can browse and shop there if you can't make it to ArtWalk. The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny on Saturday, then partly cloudy but still warm on Sunday. Let me know if you have any questions or pop over to ArtWalk's website for more info and don't forget your sunscreen!

In gratitude,



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