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Embrace Your Level

Embrace Your Level

For artists, embracing your level means building and maintaining confidence in your art, making reasonable commitments and then celebrating exactly who and where you are.

Listening to limiting beliefs from others or yourself can block your creativity and cancel your joy. Fears about how others will perceive you and your art are even worse. Fears that you will disappoint yourself can weigh you down and stop creative flow in its tracks.

You must work on embracing your level from deep in your heart if you want to release the hold these fears have on you. You must ask yourself tough questions about why you feel this way and learn to let go of unnecessary guilt and shame. Your loving acceptance of your authentic self is crucial for learning to allow and accept all that comes up on your creative journey.

Once you honestly embrace your level, you will drop into creative flow more easily in your art.

My creative coaching program is a one-on-one approach that dives into the how's and why's of your creative process. Together, we'll discover a creative roadmap you can follow and you'll build a healthy relationship with yourself that will sustain you beyond your next art show. Check out my program here and get in touch with me for a free chat to see how I can help you Embrace Your Level.

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