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Inspiration and Color on Paper + ArtWalk Little Italy

Hello You!

I’m finishing up the last few items on my to-do list for next weekend’s ArtWalk in Little Italy. I’ll be on India St in booth 819. More on that in a minute, right now I want to share this weekend's creative project.

I signed up for a live Zoom workshop with Jeanne Oliver titled “Experiments on Paper”. It was 4 hours of paper and paint everywhere! We spent the first half of our day creating and experimenting with our tools on a variety of papers.

In order to keep things from getting too out of control, we used a limited color palette. Black, white, cream, gray and two (only two!) colors. I chose my favorite blue and red oxide. I mixed the colors with each of the neutrals and savored the beautifully rich range of colors.

We experimented using lots of different tools including pencils, crayons, pastels, markers, ink, and of course paint. Papers included newsprint, tracing paper, tissue paper, vintage paper, book text, paper bags and anything else we could get our hands on!

During the second half of our day we played some more! We cut and tore our papers and created unique collage compositions. I really enjoyed the fast pace of the class and the concept of making something and then changing it into something else. My creative juices were fully engaged!

We also made hand bound books from watercolor paper and moving forward, I’m hoping to create a collage on each page of my book. I started one book but ran out of time during this workshop. I know I'll keep going on this project my own and I'm excited to see what will spark inspiration for larger pieces.


Inspiration and Color on full display at ArtWalk Little Italy.

It's next weekend, April 27th & 28th. Saturday hours are 11-6 and Sunday is 10-5. I’ll be on India Street in booth 819 across from the big red chair at Filippi’s Pizza. I’ve curated a bold and colorful selection of my paintings including landscapes, florals and energetic abstracts.

It’s always an exciting weekend with lots of activities for everyone. Come by and say hi, choose joy and buy the one you’ve had your eye on!

Enjoy this last week of April!

In gratitude,



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