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It's Time For This To Happen

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Hello You!

I am thrilled to be sitting at my creative desk, writing this blogpost about something





have I got your attention?!

I'm announcing my Creative Coaching program, fresh off my "easel" just for you!

The spark of this idea landed on my shoulder over this past summer. Has this ever happened to you? I don't remember when or where, maybe it was just an ordinary moment in an ordinary day but I saw something or heard something that landed like a question in my heart. What if I could be a coach, a creative coach who helps other artists find ease and flow in their creative process. What if I could be a guide or companion for them as they set out to [re]discover their intuitive path much the same way as I did?

I kept my little spark of an idea tucked inside my heart as I went about the next few weeks, each day checking to see if it was still there, still fluttering, still attractive. It certainly was and soon enough, I was ready to open it. Unfold the wrappings and take a good look at the entire contents. I had so many questions for myself, how would this work?, what would it look like?, when would I do it? As I started to find some answers, I found more questions so I gave myself the gift of time and patiently sorted through the (almost) overwhelming amount of information I was finding.

I was able to see right away that I have experience teaching a variety of art classes, most notably art journaling and I also have the knowledge gained from being a student in an equally vast array of art workshops and classes. I've had my work published, been in group and solo art shows, exhibited at local galleries and been honored with awards. In addition to my life experiences, I also hold a professional certificate from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in Art and The Creative Process.

My little spark of an idea soon grew into a flame and I pushed on, learning as much as I could about my philosophy behind the creative process and my perspective on life in order to build a solid creative coaching program that aligned with my strengths and values. And now it's time for this to happen!

It's a big, bold plan that needs a lot of space and time to be explained, processed, sorted and chosen. There's an over-arching theme of seasons and how they interplay with the creative process. It's comforting, inspiring and engaging. Because you're on my email list, you'll have the chance before anyone else to read all about it in my next post and decide if it's for you. I've got a special offer too, how does that sound?! I'm hoping this news has you curious enough to stay tuned and anxious to read my next post when I'll reveal more.

In the meantime, if you've got an artist friend or two to share this with, I'd love that!

In gratitude,



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