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Abstract Painting for the Happiest New Year!

Hello You!

Are you ready for a new year to begin?! I'm excited to see what unfolds for me as I make my way into and through each new day. My studio is filling up with new, boldly fresh and surprising paintings I'm sure you'll love as much as I do! I'm preparing for multiple shows this year, all in beautiful San Diego, CA and I'm looking forward to seeing each of you and meeting new collectors and friends.

On the first Friday of each month Liberty Station comes alive with artists open studios! I'll be in my art studio ready to share art and conversation with a few refreshments. I'm in Barracks 16, Studio 206 with F1VEart Studio & Gallery. January's First Friday Open Studio is this Friday, the 5th and I'll be there from 4-8pm. Stop by and say hi to all the artists.

My first art show is a new and exciting (aka vulnerable) first solo show! I've been riding a rollercoaster of emotions while preparing for this show, from excited and grateful to frustrated and nervous. Mostly excited and grateful as I can hardly believe I get to do this! It will be in the gallery at F1VEart Studio & Gallery in Liberty Station and I'll be there each day to greet you.

It will be in March and you'll be the first to know all the details when it gets closer. I still need to finish painting, plan my opening reception, confirm my show dates, plan my layout, hang the show, print postcards, invite everyone... I better get busy!

Here's a collage of detail shots from my current paintings...

After my solo show, I'll be in my booth on India Street at ArtWalk Little Italy. It's the weekend of April 27 & 28 and I'm planning on a booth full of color!

Truth be told, every now and again I try to paint minimal in neutrals, soft and serene. Sometimes it works out but there's so much of me that wants to add some bright, bold color and pattern! I'll keep playing with it and we'll see if it works for one of my shows.

I've got more shows planned for the rest of the year but for now I hope you'll consider coming to my first solo show in March. It's going to be colorful and joyful as well as insightful and meaningful, kind of like the New Year!

Blessings of peace, love and kindness to all!



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