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April Flowers and ArtWalk Little Italy

Hello You!

April is here and the gardens of Southern California are blooming with their spring flowers. My morning walks (and some afternoons) have been colorful and inspiring.

I've been taking some time for myself after my solo show last month. I don't know about you but sometimes I forget the importance of honoring my achievements (and resting!) Rather than taking time to reflect, I can move too quickly into preparing for what's next. I know taking some time to recognize what I've accomplished and journaling about it will help me move forward with confidence.

Here are a few prompts I used to reflect on my experience:

  • What did I enjoy the most?

  • What surprised me?

  • What do I feel most confident about?

  • How did I overcome obstacles along the way?

I highly recommend taking some time to reflect on your experiences in this way. I use it to discover patterns in my thinking and see where I might want to spend more time asking and answering questions.

ArtWalk Little Italy

April 27/28, 2024

Little Italy neighborhood in downtown San Diego, CA

The Mission Fed ArtWalk is the largest and longest-running fine art festival in Southern California and is back for its 40th year, bringing a weekend-long celebration of arts and culture to San Diego's Little Italy on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28. In the past I've had my booth on Date Street but this year I'll be on India Street in booth #819 between Date & Fir Streets.

mission fed artwalk postcard promotion artwalk Little Italy 2024

Here's a sneak peak of a few paintings I'm bringing to ArtWalk Little Italy. Click on each one for more info.

Art is my way of finding myself in this world. I wrote that in my last newsletter and I still feel it every time I create. I hope you find the spark that lights your way and that you follow it to the center of your heart.

In gratitude,



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