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Action Spurs Passion

Hello You,

What do you listen to when you're in the studio? I generally like to listen to music. Without lyrics is best for me otherwise I'm trying to listen to what they're saying instead of focusing on my creative output! Sometimes though, I'm in the mood for a podcast about art and creative process. These podcasts always get my creative thoughts and writing juices flowing. I have a library of podcasts to choose from and am always searching for new ones so I'm not recalling exactly which one I was listening to, but here is my reaction and interpretation of this phrase which was part of the focus on the show, 'Action Spurs Passion'. (...maybe a spin-off from the quote by Picasso, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working")

Take any creative action and then stop and listen to your heart and soul. Or more precisely, feel into your heart and soul. The gentle rhythm of your heart, the stirring in your soul, the soft murmur of yearning. Hear that? Feel that? That’s your passion for creativity. Feels good, doesn't it? Notice now that it was your action that spurred your passion.

Something else, it’s not just for creativity either! How could passion exist for only one thing when we are such multi-dimensional beings. Sure, I feel passion for my painting process, and many other creative endeavors like sewing, needlework, candle making, bookbinding, clay, sculpture, the list goes on, but I also get to feel it for my garden when I witness its cycles of birth, beauty and death and how those cycles layer upon each other with ease. I feel it for my family and together we make plans from our dreams. I feel it for my health and make commitments to my self-care.

Your most powerful accelerator for all your passions is action. Take action in the areas of your life you want to expand and as you take action, feel your passion building. Take note of these times, remember them and journal about them. You'll find that taking any action is a better choice and path than stalling and you will be rewarded with a passionate-filled life.

In gratitude,



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