• Susie Zol

Back To It!

Art journal spread with collage

I'm back from nearly two weeks of traveling to New Mexico and to the heart of Georgia O'Keeffe country. I put so much inspiration and stimulation into each day that upon returning, I couldn't wait to begin expressing myself with new creations.

Entering my studio that first morning back, I just stood still, frozen with emotions.

I was physically, emotionally and spiritually drained but I didn't see that.

All I knew was that I wasn't creating.

All I could think was how could that be?

Fast forward a week to this morning when I gently allowed myself to just sit with a few papers and begin collaging over a journal page I had started before I left. I let myself play with making marks. I grabbed the black gesso (heaven!) and covered up colors. I dove further into my supplies and started to feel a loosening inside. I used a few new tools (white transfer paper and a gold pen!) and, listening to new music, began to feel my creation taking shape before me

I'm certain there is insight here in these marks and colors and images but for now I'm just feeling relaxed and refreshed and happy to be back to it!

#artjournaling #zoljournaling #collage #imagetransfer #inks #cheesecloth #goldpen #blackgesso