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Beauty In the Becoming

Hello You!

Thank you for following me into the garden this week. “The garden is about life and beauty and the impermanence of all living things. And what a wonderful relief, every so often, to know who the enemy is. Because in the garden, the enemy is everything: the aphids, the weather, time. And so you pour yourself into it, care so much, and see up close so much birth, and growth, and beauty…” -Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

Creative Thoughts

I'm sitting on my patio, eating lunch and looking around at my garden. My hubby and I have been re-doing our backyard from grass to planting beds with walkways and it is so pretty! As my eyes soak in the color and joy of each flower, I notice that certain flowers weren't here before and others that I had enjoyed are gone. That got me to thinking about how often I only notice what is right in front of me (pretty flower!) and I don't spend much time looking for or seeing what is becoming. Perhaps nature's slow pace brings up feelings of impatience in me. I could be distracted by too many other things to take time to notice. Whatever the reason, I'm choosing to be more aware of my garden's beauty in the becoming. And since my garden is where I cultivate and nurture my thoughts, I will also be aware of the beauty in my becoming. Allowing and accepting the path I'm on to be full of seeds and buds, full of potential.

Show and Tell

I have a new collection of paintings to share with you! If you are local to San Diego you may have heard of Cedros Design District in Solana Beach. Well, there's an adorable boutique shop along Cedros Blvd. called Satori Collective and I was invited by the owner to create a collection of bright, joyful abstracts. My thoughts went right away to my garden and its spring explosion of color! Here are a few of the paintings from this collection:

These beauties are in a variety of sizes from 8"x 8" to 24"x 30". Stop by to see the art and check out all the wonderful clothing and jewelry, you won't be disappointed! There will be a reception (date tbd) and I'll let you know about it here first!

I'm Inspired By...

...the abundant wildflowers I saw while on a hike in the San Jacinto mountains. What a delight to turn the corner on the trail and witness these beauties.

Also a quick thank you to everyone who came to visit me yesterday at my booth in Carlsbad's Art In the Village, I appreciate you!

Enjoy your week and the beauty in your becoming.

In gratitude,



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