Creating My Life

Creating a life takes time and as time goes by the things you want in your life change. It’s always okay to slow down, take a break, re-examine your priorities and your life. The energy of life is always going to be in motion. There is no final goal, no final destination, just a continuous flow of energy around which you can and should take time to create a beautiful life.

I took a break from my hectic life to re-examine my priorities and lean toward when I am the happiest. That reset has me including lots of painting and writing in my life along with solid and true friendships. I also leave plenty of time for hiking, gardening and beach walks.

During a recent hiking adventure in Zion National Park I wrote about some of my feelings while I was on the trails.

Taylor Creek

Taylor Creek winds endlessly thru the narrow box canyon. Hikers must crisscross the creek many times to stay on the trail. Everyone crosses in a different style.