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Creating Prosperity & Abundance

Hello You!

I don't know how it happened but my last blogpost about this painting, 'Abundance' was published and I hadn't finished writing or sharing my experience! (Gremlins!) So, now I'm playing "catch-up" to let you know that my piece, 'Abundance' was juried into Las Laguna Art Gallery's online exhibition, Small Works, Big Talent 2023! The show will open online on December 7th and run until December 29th.

abstract landscape painting, colorful shapes appear on a neutral background.

This abstract painting is 16"x 16" on cradled wood panel. I think it would look great in a floater frame of natural colored wood. I also painted a companion piece titled 'Prosperity' on 16"x 16" cradled wood panel.

I like this style of painting and it fits my mood at times. Let me explain... the process begins with an abstract painting that is built up with layers of colors, marks and papers. Once I decide to create this style, I will look at the painting from many angles, looking for a shape that is interesting enough to keep! I start by painting around that shape with a mix of titanium white and an off-white like parchment or unbleached titanium. Once I find one shape, the next one is easier to find. I always leave more shapes than I think on my first round. The white/off-white paint needs a few coats to cover the layers beneath. How does this fit my mood? Well, the pace of this is pretty slow and it reminds me of doodling while I'm on the phone, usually on hold. Do you do that? It's kind of thoughtless but you're still creating. Sometimes I'm just in that mood.

Once my first layer is done and dry, I'll come back with a bit more paint and paper to add a color or pattern. I might also add more lines to visually connect areas like I did in Prosperity. Then it's another coat of white/off-white, leaving some of the new and maybe covering a few. I'm watching for an interesting composition to develop.

Here are a few paintings I created that showcase this style.

When I see them all together like this, I remember how much I love how it turns out in the end!

I'm winding down the year, looking forward and backward at the same time. Always seeking clues to where I want to put my creative attention! I'll be at ArtWalk's outdoor art fairs here in San Diego and have my eyes on a solo show. I'll be sure to let you know so you can come see my latest work!

Have a blessed holiday season,



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