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Taking Flight - a new series

Hello You!

I hope this post finds you feeling light and at ease. Discovering that sense of 'lightness' and ease has been on my mind and in my heart lately. One thing I've learned is that life isn't always about seeking and searching. It shouldn't always be an effort to welcome the ease, to feel the lightness. As you may know I hurt my back last week and had a few days where I felt best laying flat on the floor. As much as I tried to monitor my thoughts and my mood during those days, I remember feeling defeated. I remember how much I wanted to get up and do the things I love and be with the people I love. So, I took to my journal and wrote it all out and that helped me to see that it was just a few days and I could rearrange my days and let go of a few things so I wasn't fighting against my schedule. Do you ever do that, write it all out in your journal? I highly recommend it! Writing out the what and uncovering the why really helped me to see where I could let go of some things and be at ease with my injury and find the light feeling I was seeking.

The biggest thing I had to let go of was participating in the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, but once I canceled it, an inner sense of ease and lightness showed up. That gave me the courage I needed to rearrange my days and let go even more. I have one more art show out of town that I will be doing November 4th & 5th in Paso Robles (come if you can!) and I will be at the annual party at my art studio in Liberty Station's Arts District on Friday, October 27th from 4 to 8pm.

This year we are joining forces with Friends of NTC, San Diego Writer's Ink, Barracks 19 artists and Barracks 16 artists to bring you A Night of Authors and Artists.

I am excited to be showing you all the art I had planned to bring to the La Jolla festival, and since we're at the end of the year, I'm also creating a series of small works and once again, using my life experience to bring meaning and connection. I always like the idea of having small pieces available for people to buy as gifts for themselves or others and this year is no exception. I'm harnessing the power of my ease & lightness that came after time spent laying flat on my back to create a series about letting go and gaining space to feel light and ease. I'm calling this series Taking Flight and while the paintings are small, they carry the weight of my experience. They carry a message of letting go and taking flight with newly found lightness and ease.

'Coastal Dreams', 'Remember What You Wished For' and 'In Harmony With You' are pieces from the La Jolla show that I'll have hanging at the studio for our annual party on the 27th.

Series of small works in progress

I'll have 7 of the small works, 8"x 8" and 10"x10" painted on cradled wood panel with deep sides so you can hang them on the wall or stand them on a shelf or counter. I'll be teasing you with photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook over the next two weeks and then giving you first dibs with a private release on Thursday and Friday, the 26th & 27th. I'll be creating a password-protected page on my website for these pieces and I'll send you the password on Thursday the 26th. It will arrive in your email inbox and my wish is that you'll click the link to open the page and find just the right piece to add to your collection!

As I lean into my next chapter I feel as if I’m ‘taking flight’. My creative focus is currently painting abstract and mixed media with acrylics on a variety of surfaces. I rely on my intuition to guide me with the intention of creating. I’m captivated by my creative process, letting my painting build up over time with many layers. I choose to paint abstracts because they give me a great sense of freedom, balance and awareness. I choose mixed media because it feeds my curious nature. With every piece I create, I choose joy.

In gratitude,



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