All of life is energy. It is the movement of the environment around us. The air is pushed and pulled, and as it moves it picks up leaves from the ground and swirls them. It moves the water an inch or a mile. It brings the tide in and takes it back out. The push and pull of the energy of life moves the air and birds soar in the updrafts. The energy of life pulls the water down from the sky in fine mists or torrential downpours. It pushes its way through dirt and rock. It winds through canyons and down sheer cliffs.

Life energy simply keeps going. Along city streets, along country roads, along wooded trails, along mountain tops, along the ocean floor. There isn’t anywhere we know that life energy does not exist. And this great energy feeds us. It nourishes our bodies and souls. Take a sip, a bite, a hug, a step and you will immerse yourself in it.

Life energy constantly renews and reunites itself as echoes in a canyon or cross-currents in a river. It destroys things too in its uncontrolled effort to keep itself moving. Fire storms are pushed along by high winds, capturing and killing life and then creating new landscapes in the spaces seemingly left behind. Out of the destruction, many new opportunities arise as the energy circles back around and begins again.

Life energy encompasses all and you are a grain of sand on the beach, a raindrop inside a hurricane, a molecule of oxygen in a blanket of air that circles the planet in a never-ending, ever-shifting field of energy. It is flowing, moving, circulating, raging, beckoning you to join in. Life energy asks you to open yourself to it. Life energy asks you to become aware of it, see it, feel it, taste it, touch it.

Create an opening in your soul for life energy to move freely through you. As you live each day, gather up bits of strength and inspiration and fall in love with your desire to express yourself. Your way of speaking or consoling or encouraging. Your way of writing; capturing the essence of a moment and translating it into the written word for others to read, understand, take action, be amused. Your way of painting or sculpting or making music. Your way of creating something with your hands that reflects the life energy that passes through your body and soul.

Your way of being alive and present, appreciating the energy of life.

'Finding My Voice'

30"h x 24"w

acrylic on canvas


I love to get out in nature, especially to go hiking! I recently returned from a trip to Zion National Park in Utah and mother nature didn't disappoint! In the evenings as I rested my legs, I wrote about the day and the writing soon turned to analogies of life and lessons learned on the trail.

Sitting with the blank page before me I imagine I am standing at the trailhead. So many paths, all different directions, how do I know which way to go? I look around to see which way feels right. Downhill sure looks easier than uphill. Smooth sand underfoot would be more comfortable than maneuvering around rocks and stones. A cleared path versus an overgrown path. From experience I'm hesitant to give in to such easy and obvious choices. Who knows what's just around the corner, it could turn bad and I'll have to backtrack. So, just by looking, I don't have the clearest vision, but what if I close my eyes, get quiet in my mind and listen. Then, maybe I will hear the whisper in my soul... this is the way.

As our group starts out on a hike, I say "Let’s each go as far as we can, then turn back and meet back at the start". I thought that statement would let others off the hook for turning back if I wanted to forge ahead. As it turns out, I turned back in the middle of the pack and others went farther than me. That was a good lesson for me. I assumed I would be going the farthest and didn't want others to feel pressured, but I was reminded that I’m not always in the lead.

Out in nature, I connect with my inner self on such a deep level. I relinquish control easily to the elements with every step.

No matter what I read, hear, see or do, no one knows my exact path except me. Sometimes, I don't think I do because my ego is in the way. When I go deeper and remove it and it’s effect on me, I see a beautiful horizon every time. When I know where I'm going, it’s easier to stay on the path. My inner sense of direction brings clarity and creates a road map.

And while I hike, sometimes I'm thinking of my paintings. When I think about them, I write about them.

With every painting, there’s an inner sense of wanting to understand, a desire for an “a-ha” moment, or at least a glimpse of some kind of belonging. That’s a lot of what’s going on in my head when I’m painting. And yet, even with a painting that I’m head over heels in love with, a painting that is moving and beautiful and filled with glowing colors. Even in that, there is still an unknowing, a need to search for more, to uncover or discover another layer.

And so, as one painting is finished, another blank canvas is already on my easel.

'Let The Day Begin'

36"h x 24"w

acrylic on canvas


Sometimes, I find myself hanging on to all the success in my life. The times when things turned out well, I got the award, I finished the painting, I met my deadline.

I hang on to them as if they are medals hanging on my wall. As if to say that without them somehow I’m not real, I don’t try hard enough, I’m not enough.

I know better. I know even if I’m looking at the failures that I’m enough. I know that neither of them define me at my core, where I am my truest self.

I know in my heart that what is best for me is to accept and let go in the same instant.

I know this is one of the hardest things I have to do every day.

I know the quickest way to believe in this way of being is to live it…to be in the present moment, and I know I can.

Never regret the past. You did your best every single time you had to make a decision. You sought the answers in your heart and they rose out of you, crystal clear. Never project your present experience onto the future. You have no way of knowing what will happen tomorrow. Sure, you can have dreams and desires and they can help guide you along life’s path but trying to force their outcome, on your terms, based on your timing? That’s putting yourself in a difficult spot!

Be confident in your truest self and let life happen.

Remember every action brings a reaction which might surprise and delight you or disappoint and anger you.

Let go of trying to control so much of what happens to you and focus instead on how you respond. See yourself getting better at that. Find solutions that better match how you want to feel.

“Some Days Are Like This”


“Some Days Are Like That”

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As an artist, my creativity is often in overdrive and I like having different outlets in order to express myself. Along with painting, I also love to write. The stories here are from my writing journal, combined with paintings or art journal pages I've created. It's a safe space for me to "think out loud" and I hope you enjoy browsing through the posts.